Step 3: Install

The Simple Message Mover operates within a Java Servlet environment. The instructions below show you how to install Apache Tomcat, a commonly used Java Servlet environment, on a Windows system.

A. Open and review the installation instructions for Tomcat.
B. Ensure that you have Java SE version 6.0 (also displayed as 1.6) or later installed.
To confirm the version of Java installed on your system, follow these steps:
  • Open a command window (in Windows click Start >> Run and type cmd, press enter)
  • Type java -version on the command line
  • Verify the version number displayed (remember that 1.6 indicates Java version 6.0, and 1.7 is Java 7.0)
If Java is not installed or the installed version is to old, please follow the instructions on the Tomcat installation document to download a compatible JDK.
C. Download and install Tomcat. (For Windows choose the 31-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer)
  • Tomcat may be installed in any location on your local system.
  • Tomcat is an application that runs in the background.
  • When installing accept all the defaults.
  • In Windows, Tomcat can be started and stopped using the Services window.
Indicate where your Tomcat is installed
You should now be ready for the next step:

American Immunization Registry Association - IIS HL7 Tester & Simple Message Mover - Version 2.04